The Concours Mondial de Bruxelles (CMB) is an independent, neutral company, internationally recognized for its complete lack of bias, proven throughout its 25-year history.

Chile presented its candidacy to the CMB and was selected as host country for the 2017 Spirits Selection competition.

Chilean and Peruvian legislation does not recognize the “Pisco” denomination in the other country. Because of this, to go through customs, piscos must be labelled as “grape spirit”.

According to the Peruvian Ambassador in Chile, Jorge Valdéz:

“Peruvian, like Chilean law, stipulates that the denomination of origin belongs to each country. (…) The same would have happened if the contest had taken place in Peru”.

The CMB, in accordance with European legislation, recognizes both denominations. However, it cannot change the law in any country, nor break it.

To ensure compliance with the Chilean legal system, under which the 2017 Spirits Selection will be organized, it was agreed that Peruvian pisco be registered under the name “aguardiente” for purely administrative purposes. This gives Peruvian pisco the opportunity to take part and, at the same time, avoids violation of Chilean legislation.

Also, once the samples have entered the competition, all of them will be blind tasted – judges therefore do not receive any kind of information regarding the type or origin of the spirit they are tasting. This way, we ensure the product’s complete confidentiality and the objectivity of the tastings.

The organizers of CMB were guaranteed by their Chilean counterpart that, according to the law in Chile, Peruvian pisco would be able to participate in the 2017 Spirits Selection competition and that the results and all official communication across CMB’s media channels would refer to it as “Pisco of Peru”.

The CMB always strives to defend the interests of pisco producers.

The organizers of CMB are sending a technical letter to every Peruvian pisco producer, explaining the procedure to follow so that they are guaranteed entry to the contest.

We still remain committed to ensuring that all Peruvian pisco producers have access to the competition.

We are not willing to be used as a pretext to intensify nationalist controversies, nor enter into a debate that does not concern us.

We hope that the controversy sparked by pisco entries will not affect Peruvian entrepreneurs when deciding whether to participate in the 2017 Spirits Selection, and that they register their products as normal. We are sure they will be extremely successful, as they always have been.

Concours Mondial de Bruxelles chairman Baudouin Havaux has stressed that CMB has always been designed as a platform for dialogue and promotion of the culture of wine and spirits around the world, and that that philosophy will remain its guiding principle.

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